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The Inn at Jackson was built in 1902 as the summer home of Kate Corrine Baldwin of Brooklyn, NY and of Baldwin piano family fame on land purchased from her friend Katerine Wormeley. For a number of years prior to the purchase, Baldwin had been a regular guest at Wentworth Hall in the village, during which time she befriended Wormeley, another Summer Jackson resident.

Wormeley's house, Brookmead, was adjacent to the property and was designed by world-renowned architect Stanford White(1853-1906). It is believed that Wormeley referred Baldwin to Stanford White for the design of her home.

Kate Baldwin and her relations continued to use the cottage until around 1922, when it was sold to Ella and Arthur Gray and became an inn known as Gray's Manor until 1935. Since then, under various owners, it has continued to be used as a hostelry, with such names as Alrich Inn, Jackson Lodge, and its current name, the Inn at Jackson. At some point after 1922, the rear ell was extended, and other modifications undertaken, including the elimination of the open verandas.

The inn transferred ownership on 3/31/05 from the previous owners of 22 years, Bob Bowman and Lori Tradewell, to Don and Joyce Bilger, formerly of Pennsylvania. The Bilgers renovated the property in May of 2005 and the result is what you see today. The Inn at Jackson is the last original Stanford White structure remaining in
Jackson, NH.

About the Architect Stanford White: With the exception of Frank Llloyd Wright, Stanford White is America's best known architect. His firm of McKim, Mead, and White designed both the original Madison Square Garden and Pennsylvania Station. When his partner Charles McKim was complimented on Madison Square Garden, he shook his head and said one word: "White".

In 1906, White was murdered during a show at Madison Square Garden by a jealous husband, Harry Thaw, who had found out that White had an affair with his wife, beautiful model, Evelyn Nesbit, famed for the photograph Tired Butterfly. Shot in the middle of a suicide scene during the show, most of the audience thought the shooting was part of the act as Thaw put three bullets between White's eyes from a distance of one yard. Thaw was never convicted based on an insanity plea in what was described as the "trial of the century".



" Great breakfast, great room, great views, great people! " --Donald & Nicole, Richmond, RI

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The Inn at Jackson - Corner of Main Street and Thorn Hill Road
PO Box 822 - Jackson, New Hampshire 03846
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